NEWS: Friendly Fires unviel Pala

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  • 22 Mar 11

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As if one impressive dollop of whiter than white, shouldn’t be seen outside the bedroom, dad dancing this year wasn’t enough, (cough Thom cough), Friendly Fires have announced their collective return. Yes that vibrant image of a parrots back is set to accompany the posh pop punk trio’s sophomore album Pala, (out May 16 donchaknow). You can hear new single ‘Live Those Days Tonight’ courtesy of Jimmy Fallon’s show tommorow night, but until then you can gaze upon the tracklisting below, and envision the funky, balearic, nuggets of euphoria that await you and your ears, mere weeks from now. Mmmm sweet euphoria nuggets…

‘Live Those Days Tonight’
‘Blue Cassette’
‘Running Away’
‘Hawaiian Air’
‘Show Me Lights’
‘True Love’
‘Pull Me Back To Earth’