FEIGN INTEREST: Best Coast have ‘Grown Up’, Beth C—weedweedweedweedweed

  • 09 Jan 12

  • News


This week, Beth C., of Best C. fame was reported as saying to Pitchfork, “I need to figure out a way to get people to stop thinking of me as the ‘stoner, cat loving’ girl,” She then added, conclusively “I’m not really like that anymore.”

Meanwhile, her boyfriend, the equally famous and distorted Nathan Williams of Wavves infamy tweeted “weed basketball weed basketball weed basketball”


More interestingly, however, Williams revealed this hilarious soundbite: ‘fuck! got beat the fuck up by rob kardashians boys last night FUCK!’

Best Coast, much to the enjoyment of young girls and people who like all their music to sound the same, are back in the studio, and with Jon Brion to boot. Does that mean anything to you? No, you’ve probably never even heard of him. Regardless, their new direction is reportedly, ‘more emo’. Whether this means they’re heading into the murky waters of early 90s emo indie rock or just writing songs about how your boyfriend won’t pay attention to you because he’s too busy inserting sealed bags of blueberry kush into his previously violated anus is yet to be determined.