NEWS: Expectations for The Strokes new album sink lower than Mel Gibson at a Batmitsvah (teehee)

356 nick valensi
  • 29 Jan 11

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Strokes fans, I applaud you. The amount of patience, this rag tag gaggle of New Yoik indie legends have drawn of you is ridiculous. All those insufferable, everlasting nights, wringing your hands into a sore, bloody mash of skin and bone, asking yourself  ”What if the fourth album never comes!? WHAT IF ITS  SUB PAR ?! WHERE WILL I GET MY DAILY FIX OF, 20 A DAY CROONING OVER ROUGH AND SCRATCHY JANGLE ROCK NOW!?” are coming to a close. Nick Valensi is on hand to settle your qualms in the most soul crushingly depressing way imaginable!

“Maybe everyone needed money or something. We gotta pay our mortgage so may as well get this going again. When we hang out and when we work on stuff, it’s great but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t elements of hostility there. Undertones of hostility and resentment. If we had just released this a year or two after the last one, I imagine it would have gone better.”

So there you have it! The Strokes are whoring themselves out for one last, disappointing trudge along nostalgia lane, for the paycheck! You feel that? That’s excitement transforming into dissapointment as we speak!