Eels – Little Bird

Apologies on this one, I did mean to post this several days ago but it had slipped my mind. What a poor excuse for a human being you might think, and you’d be correct. Vent in your nearest forum or simply listen to this new song from Eels. Who not so long back released Hombre Lobo (Which was average with a few stand out moments, in case you asked) and now “End Times” is looming large over the horizon with this song as its lead single. Tender, sombre and with E’s constant fixation with birds still carrying on, somehow comforting.

Put aside your noise and 80’s throwbacks for exactly 2:28 and hear above now

EDIT: Looks like there’s also a track listing I hadn’t heard of

01”The Beginning”
02 “Gone Man”
03 “In My Younger Days”
04 “Mansions of Los Feliz”
05 “A Line In The Dirt”
06 “End Times”
07 “Apple Trees”
08 “Paradise Blues”
09 “Nowadays”
10 “Unhinged”
11 “High And Lonesome”
12 “I Need A Mother”
13 “Little Bird “
14 “On My Feet”

Phwoar, its hard NOT to get excited by that list of song titles ey?