Eels announce "Tomorrow Morning", wont actually be out tomorrow morning…

  • 26 May 10

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Being the hardest working AND most depressed man in indie rock must be hard for Mark Oliver Everett, this marks his 19th album (including some live ones. But they totally count) so clearly he isn’t massively interested in sitting back and viewing his vast discography any time soon. He’s just casually rested this bit of album artwork on the vast coffee table that is the Internet and then given us some track titles for those who JUST CANT WAIT to look at the back of a CD.

1: In Gratitude For This Magnificent Day
2: I’m A Hummingbird
3: The Morning
4: Baby Loves Me
5: Spectacular Girl
6: What I Have To Offer
7: This Is Where It Gets Good
8: After The Earthquake
9: Oh So Lovely
10: The Man
11: Looking Up
12: That’s Not Her Way
13: I Like The Way This Is Going
14: Mystery Of Life

It’ll be available in the usual music holes on August the 24th.