NEWS: Drums hint at last show, homophobes rejoice.

376 The-Drums
  • 11 Jan 11

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Deliciously camp surf-pop troupé The Drums have, in a slightly confrontational Facebook post, hinted at their rapidly approaching Dan Duggins benefit show on the 19th to be their very last, at least their last for a long time. What does this mean, you ask? Maybe they can’t go on without their recently departed guitarist, or maybe they’re just bored of recreating the 80s song by song. Caleb hints “It could be the last show for awhile, who know’s, maybe the last show ever”, before closing off with “I don’t actually care, don’t come, see if I care.”

Well isn’t that nice.

Anyway, the benefit is intended to raise money for Dan Duggins after a recent stroke, which left him with massive bills. This poster has details.