DONATE: ‘Just Gimme Indie Rock’ needs more ‘Indie Rock’ (money)

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  • 12 Jun 11

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‘Indie rock’. It means many different things to many different people – to a massive Chris Brown fan it probably means Linkin Park, to a massive Linkin Park fan it probably means The Killers, and to a Killers fan— well, what do Killers fans know? Nothing, right! That’s why they’re Killers fans.

Anyway, to me that awful, bastard term ‘indie rock’ will always mean the underground music scene that sprung out of 80s hardcore, with bands like Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, Pavement and Sunny Day Real Estate existing on a seprate plane of existence – one of lo-fidelity, low-budgets and low-pay. Fortunately for me, that definition is the definition that Brad Katz’ upcoming documentary ‘Just Gimme Indie Rock’ (named after a Sebadoh song of the same name) focuses on.

Unfortunately for me and Brad Katz, he does not have enough money to make the film. To get that money, he needs honest folk such as me (you I’m not sure about) to band together and pour money into his kickstarter account so he can then take said money and run away to Thailand where he will spend it on bitches and cocaine. Find the kickstarter page here.

Or here.


  • Amykatz

    Wow man, thanks so much for your support! Share your ideas with us for the film… we are listening!