Cribs Controversy

The Cribs have revealed that they were close to pulling the plug on last Saturday’s ‘homecoming’ (of sorts…) gig in Doncaster, due to the treatment of Punk pioneers The Slits. You can read the full statement from the band themselves here. Having been at the gig, I can throw my own 2 cents in and say that there was an air of tension and testosterone before The Slits even took to the stage, due to the large number of ”lads” in the crowd (cue chorus of The Fratelli’s Chelsea dagger…). I can’t say I’m even the smallest fan of The Slits, and I take it from the pocket full’s of loose change bouncing off the bands heads, that the majority of the beer slinging, terrace chanting knuckle dragger’s did either. The quartet we’re obviously fuming, with Gary and Ryan’s angered words falling on deaf ears (oddly cheered on by the beer lobbing coin skimmers…). I’m not sure how The Cribs could make it any clearer that they don’t suffer idiotic, misogynistic fools gladly…I would assume ”Ignore the Ignorant” would have been a strong enough message, but obviously even a title as poetically blunt as that can’t penetrate the wall of meat many of these people call a head. Next album a Sonic Youth meets In Utero noise-a-thon of epic proportions maybe? Yes please