'Crazy In Love' is the best song of the decade. Uh? What?

The years 2000-2009 have been full of music, some dreadful, some beautiful and more great songs than you can possibly imagine. NME, a popular indie magazine in the UK (If you didn’t know) just proclaimed Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’ the best song of those 9 years. Not a bizarre throat singing anthem that had a limited release of one and appeared on a single blog in a mix tape (The true heart of indie, clearly.) but Beyonce. I know what you’re thinking, I bet your thinking a bunch of people got together to vote for her as a big long hilarious joke to tell the children as they huddle around the fire on a cold winters night, sipping hot chocolate and gently completing a puzzle. Nope! The NME staff across all their available mediums voted yes for this. They have a point, its catchy and all but really? The best? I’ll let you judge

(I couldnt get a hold of the official video, due to a lack of embed codes across the board)

Again, in the interest of balanced opinions, heres a comment from the official video from “lovelygurl1979”
“will u shup up ok!!!!!!F dnt knw how 2 aprcte d per4rmer den shup ur loser mouth ok!!!???!!!!!TY f u do dat!!!! “

Indeed. Think she set me straight.