CONSIDER: Amy Winehouse dies, sparks inner debate regarding the validity of mourning for someone who marched into their own death and achieved a form of immortality through fame that none of us are likely to court.

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  • 23 Jul 11

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Amy Winehouse, frequent abuser of substances and sometime soul singer, has died of a suspected drugs overdose. This news coming at a time as the world comes to terms with the deaths of dozens of innocent lives, brutally and heartlessly gunned down in Norway at the hands of a single sick individual, but fuck that, some woman with an okay voice was stupid enough to devote her life to drugs instead of her music, wasting an oppurtunity to change the lives of countless people for the better and not provide a sharply negative influence for young girls with addictive personalities and stupid hairstyles the world over.

Oh well. It’s a shame, I guess.