Cold War Kids have a new album coming, it's called 'Mine Is Yours'

  • 14 Oct 10

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Cold War Kids made a great debut album, Cold War Kids made a (generally) disappointing second album, Cold War Kids made a superb EP called ‘Behave Yourself’, Cold War Kids have just announced a new album called ‘Mine Is Yours’ saying it’ll be out on the 25th of January 2011.

Lovely! Now you’re up to date I can get on with the business of looking forward to 2011, the final year before the end of ALL HUMAN EXISTENCE that’s surely coming in 2012. Better make sure it’s a good album boys! On a more serious note, here’s what lead singer and professional shouty man Nathan Willet had to say about the release of their forthcoming 3rd LP

I got home from tour and realized I was married. All my friends had either jumped in the deep end of a relationship or had drowned. When did things get so serious? We fought growing up but the wild nights and free-for-all caught up with us. Some people got out in time and others had permanent damage. For this record, I wrote about the joys and failures of commitment all around me

What a coincidence, Nathan! For this post I wrote about the joys and failures of your bands career, isn’t that something? We should totally hang sometime.


  • Haha, When I read ‘Mine is Yours’, I automatically thought of Chile. x