BUY: The 2012 Graveface Charity Subscription Series

  • 28 Jun 12

  • News


In the storied history of subscription services, time has proven them to be a rather hit and miss affair. With late shipments, unfulfilled orders and the numerous address changes that customers seem to revel in undertaking, they’re generally a bit of a faff. Some things, much like Xiu Xiu’s unbearably brilliant shirt subscription, are just a shade too great to avoid though, and today, I present to you one such thing; The 2012 Graveface Charity Series. Limited to 250 for those subscribers who want the whole thing, it features twelve coloured 7″ records and three coloured 10″ from bands like Mount Eeerie, Tobacco, Xiu Xiu, Serengeti spread across a year, not to mention a whole bunch of other swag. All the records will be exclusive to this subscription service, with proceeds being split between charities of the bands choosing, so it’s a little bit like Record Store Day except you won’t need to wake up at 5am to get what you want (or, in my case, very little of what I wanted). More information can be found over at the Graveface page OVER HERE, but rest assured, it’s a complete steal.