BUY: 176 Pages of Limited Edition Felt Photographic History

  • 07 Feb 12

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There are two kinds of people on this remarkable rock, those who appreciate the work of influential, partially known twee acts from the 80’s, and those who do not. Naturally, that’s not to say that the latter are somehow worse, you just have lives,with lovers and friends and stuff, we don’t, we’re a bitter and lonely race defined solely by our atypical choice in media players (Cowon, representin’). Being the small market we are, I admire the assumptions First Third Publishing made when deciding to create a 176 page long photographic history of the wildly brilliant Felt. Assumptions that probably went something like “1000 people will absolutely buy this!”. Each edition is slated to contain 140 #rare and #based photos from 20 photographers over 10 years, alongside quotes and annotations from enigmatic front man Laurence. Not to mention each edition will be personally signed by “the man” himself, it’s something of an embarrassment of riches.

You can go pre-order it over here, if enough orders aren’t received, it won’t be published at all, so you know, stop being so fucking cheap and blow £39 on something undeniably bloody tops. While you’re at it, enjoy a fair example of Felt’s former glory below, courtesy of the copy and paste function on my PC.