BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: Liam Gallagher lambasts Kanye West over the VMA’s

  • 30 Aug 11

  • News


Remember a year ago? Or; in blog speak “14 genre trends ago”. It was a simpler time, the categories on this website ACTUALLY FUCKING WORKED (if you’re reading this on the new design, this joke is now irrelevant) and America was still in the middle of the widespread grip of ignorance regarding their impending financial doom. Also in the news, Kanye West with his startling decision to tear an award from the clammy hands of popular music girl and star of the forthcoming Attack of the 50ft Woman remake, Taylor Swift.

Well, in the time treasured tradition of weighing into long dead debates, Liam Gallagher has finally said his profanity piece regarding the entire incident on MTV’s 120 Minutes programme. Ready for some quotes? Shit yeah, you are.

“If I ever win any more fucking awards I’d personally invite him to get up and fucking take my award of me. I fucking tell you that”

“That was rude when he did that to that girl, that Taylor Swift. So yeah, give me an award and see where it goes. It will roll out of his fucking arse.”

SFW MODE: Don’t read it.