NEWS: Belle & Sebastian stream live gig, shuffle awkwardly

  • 17 Dec 10

  • News


Is there anything NPR wouldn’t do for the good of music? Well, obviously other than butchering Chris Martin and stopping Mark Ronson from dying his hair colours like this, or making music at all, for that matter. Still, they’re pretty awesome at this whole “online music” thing. It’s with that swaggering self aware confidence that they, alongside twee darlings Belle & Sebastian have announced a forthcoming live stream of a B&S gig in Glasgow’s Barrowland. It’s apparently going to be “a mix of old favorites and lost gems, along with a few festive surprises” so you can go ahead and put on your indier-than-thou, too small knitted Christmas jumper now in preparation of the 21st of this month.

All the fun is going to be at this link, so get your bookmarking finger out…. now!