NEWS: Beavis and Butthead to return, the 90’s nostalgia wave officially begins

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  • 04 Feb 11

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Did you just wake up from a coma you entered in the mid 90’s? Find yourself missing MTV still having at least some music on it, even when it is being mocked by two cartoon metalheads? Turns out you’re in luck! Oh yeah, Beavis and Butthead are on their way back, once again helmed by quasi-genius Mike Judge, who’ll be speaking for them and drawing too (though presumably not at the same time). Naturally, MTV haven’t said much about the program other than “AW HELLS YEAH BITCH, IT’S ON” (creative license may have been used), meaning that you can start preparing your slightly-too-large jumpers and baggy light blue jeans for use once again, the 90’s are back! And that means we’re only one new Daria series away from reliving The Spice Girls career all over again. May god save our souls.