BE MILDLY EXCITED: DFA brings Christ’s existence into question by bringing us The Rapture

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  • 24 May 11

  • News


After confessing to my ex-wife that I still loved her under the impression I would now be getting viciously raped by a large red man with horns and a thirty-inch penis, I was rather disappointed when, on Saturday, the train to Hull was cancelled. Nevertheless, this gave me an oppurtunity to wait inside for the Rapture. Much like the aforementioned large red man with horns and a thirty-inch penis, this too failed to come.

Having recovered from my disappointment, I logged on to the internet to discover that The Rapture, everyone’s favourite composer of the Misfits themetune, are going to release a new album. The Grace of Love, as they claim it shall be called, is going to be released on James Murphy’s DFA label; they released debut Echoes nearly ten years ago. Imagine it, a time before post-dubstep, the stomp-core folk revival and even fictional shit-heap and NME construct nu-rave! They were such innocent times.