ANTICIPATE/DONATE: Flying Lotus and Miwa Matrayek’s Multimedia Collaboration

  • 21 Aug 11

  • News


In a similar vain to tye dye hippysters Animal Collective‘s visual/audio collaboration Oddsac released last year, LA’s own brainbox behind the Brainfeeder label, and electronica, psychedelia, jazz mogul Flying Lotus has teamed up with fellow Los Angelian animator, Miwa Matrayek, to produce a piece, zionistically entitled The Mapping of Countries Yet to Come. A celebration of Center for Arts, Eagle Rock and the artistic and creative communities surrounding it, the partnership will see Miwa’s beautifully renowned animations and choreography (gaze in amazement above) set in motion alongside Flylo’s equally freewheeling, train of thought compositions, to create something that will open your mind so wide, your head will start to resemble that of Clive Anderson and Joseph Merrick‘s love child. Genius however costs money. For example some say Stephen Hawking has a slot in the side of his wheelchair, where you can pop your loose change, sort of like a space theory version of a fruit machine. Flylo and Miwa’s price?  $2,500, a price they’re hoping you’ll stump up for. Don’t think of it as the musical equivalent of being stopped in the street by apron wearing charity do gooders, but rather a chance to be an anonymous member of the Dragons Den, minus all the shitting on peoples dreams and fingering wads of money. You can dig deep here, with any sum of money you pledge, being doubled Los Angeles County Arts Commission, until November 30, 2011, the generous rich bastards.