ANTICIPATE: David Lynch announces LP, Dale Cooper grooves from inside the black lodge

  • 15 Aug 11

  • News


David Lynch is a cool guy. I’m not talking about the /mu/ tripfag – he’s horrible – but the sometimes surrealist, always Lynchian moving picture director David Keith Lynch. You may or may not remember that Lynch surprised the world at large  by releasing two electro pop CHOONS last year. This decision confused some people more than his actual films do.

Being as lucky a race as we collectively are, however, Lavid Dynch has announced an entire LP of what we can presume to be high-octane ‘electro-bangers’. Look out, Tiesto, David Lynch is on the scene! The album, titled “Crazy Clown Time”, is scheduled to be released on the eighth of November. I imagine we can expect something a little bit better than the never-ending clown monstrosity of “It”.

This is the tracklist, try not to wet yourself with eraser-flavoured excitement:

01 Pinky’s Dream
02 Good Day Today
03 So Glad
04 Noah’s Ark
05 Football Game
06 I Know
07 Strange and Unproductive Thinking
08 The Night Bell With Lightning
09 Stone’s Gone Up
10 Crazy Clown Time
11 These Are My Friends
12 Speed Roadster
13 Movin’ On
14 She Rise Up