AMAZING SHIT: Blood Orange announces new album, gives away track

218 Blood-Orange-Coastal-Grooves-LP

I am an 80’s obsessed transexual with desperate aspirations to appear in a posthumous John Hughes film, I am also a HILARIOUS metaphor for the way that Blood Orange actually sound. In my sad reality though I am none of those things, despite my devastating love for all things Blood Orange, no, I am but a humble man with a laptop. Still, it excites me in very private ways to announce that Blood Orange (star of more shameless adoration and posts than I care to recollect) a.k.a Dev Hynes a.k.a Lightspeed Champion a.k.a Test Icicles has finally gotten around to finalising the track listing for his forthcoming Coastal Grooves LP as well as giving away the first single from it (the stunning Sutphin Boulevard which can be heard above). Here’s that aforementioned track listing, I’ll meet you after the slanty text.

1.   Forget It
2.   Sutphin Boulevard
3.   I’m Sorry We Lied
4.   Can We Go Inside Now?
5.   S’cooled
6.   Complete Failure
7.   Instantly Blank (The Goodness)
8.   The Complete Knock
9.   Are You Sure You’re Really Busy?
10.  Champagne Coast

Having heard most of those tracks in demo format, you may look forward the the album of the year. Go and pre-order it here, and download Sutphin Boulevard below. Hapilly enough, it’ll be hitting stores on my birthday, the 8th of August.