• 03 Jun 11

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Musicdom’s top men, have pooled their collective brain powers together, and come up with an exciting revelation. If that grey dollop of noodley mush that inhabits your skull, is unable to scrape together an opinion of a song after hearing a maximum of 20 seconds of it, it means your intellect isn’t of a good enough standard to enjoy the high caliber of tune crafted by visionaries such as Lady Gaggles and Micky Buble, and you probably enjoy utter tosh parped out from that Gaga plagiarist Bowie, or those Coldplay wannabees Radiohead. FACT. Kaiser Chiefs, once celebrated sons of Leeds and now high entry in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Interchangable Schmindie Bands, have  been working closely with these brainboxes in their absence (no they didn’t quit! Torture. Every day without them, pure torture) the results being a Frankenstein inspired pyramid scheme, that presents itself as innovative, but reeks of ripe indecisiveness. Traverse through this link here, and you’ll be able to listen to 20 second snippets of songs from their new album The Future is Medieval, before selecting a roster of 10 tracks (from 20). You then collage together your own artwork, and pay £7.99 for the privilege (after all you did only do half the work jeez), and voila, you’re now the proud owner of a patchwork polished turd all your own.

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SYSTEM NEXT TIME AROUND CHIEFSKIS: Just an idea, but maybe next time go the whole hog and as well as letting other people put together your tracklisting and artwork, employ someone else to record the music for it as well? I PREDICT A RIOT of an album if you doheheHEHHEHAHAHA ZOWIE!