HEAR: Xiu Xiu cover Erasure’s “Always”

  • 30 Mar 12

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Xiu Xiu are on fire. Not literally, that would cause almost unbearable agony, thus preventing them from being as frightfully prolific as they are. Plus, by now somebody would have noticed and made aware somebody who could capably handle the situation. They are metaphorically on fire, though, what with their quiet history of producing some of the finest covers available. A tradition that recently saw them turn Rihanna’s mildly turgid pop hit “Only Girl In The World” into a glorious celebration of seemingly disposable pop (you can hear it here, and you really should) and now has seen them transform Erasure’s enduring 1994 cheese-a-thon “Always” into what you’d imagine would be playing as somebody actually rode a horse into a giant star shaped rock. It’s beautifully silly, you can listen to it over at Polyvinyl’s SoundCloud, for lack of a better option.

If you’re down for some dystopian Robot Unicorn Attack, their cover is but one half of a forthcoming split single with Dirty Beaches (who covered Francoise Hardy’s “Tu Ne Dis Rien”, which you can catch here) for Record Store Day 2012.