U-TURN: Wavves’ Nathan Williams drops the fuzz, goes instrumental hip hop

sweet valley stay calm
  • 19 Jul 12

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Here inside the Misc.Music broom cupboard, we like to keep tabs on those who’ve caused us great emotional anguish over the decades of our collective existence. Nathan “Hey guys did you know I smoke weed (proofproof) and date Bethany Cosentino? Because I do, in equal amounts” Williams is one of those people. Now, now, before you get all our grills like “Werdnaandrew1995” did two weeks ago, I happen to feel reasonably positive towards the musical side of Wavves,  you know, as far as uninspired garage fuzz goes, it’s pretty good. Though had you asked me what Nathan was up to last week, I would have assumed he was sitting atop a garage, smoking a spliff and looking really pleased with himself. Little did I know, he was instead preparing a instrumental hippidy hop mixtape with his brother under the name Sweet Valley. Williams said of the project, it’s goal was “to make a soundtrack to getting drunk this summer and this is what I thought it should sound like.”. As much as I’d love to pour a little scorn, our first taste (in the form of ‘Total Carnage’) is an excellently worked beat, formed from the Bay City Roller’s ‘Bye Bye Baby’, ultimately coming off like the sun cream coated love child of Star Slinger and The Go! Team’s heated encounter. Here’s a tracklisting, for those interested.

01. Valley Viking
02. Total Carnage
03. Suzuka 9 Hours
04. Malibu Games
05. Dunk Dreams 95
06. Stay Calm
07. Sidewalk Surfer
08. Eight
09. Final Zone