HEAR: The Kills – Satellite

351 the kills
  • 01 Feb 11

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Let me get this straight ”DominoRecordCo”… If what your soundcloud’s flinging into my eardrums is to be believed, The Kills have opted out of their familiar ”so-sparse-its-only-technically-a-song” minimalism, instead giving Tonetta sound tracking a Tarantino film a whirl. On top of that, Jamie Hince, (a man so convincingly our generations Lou Reed, he’s only an ill fated Glastonbury Gorillaz collab away from doppleganger status) has named the track ”Satelite” (remind you of anyone….)? I would say I’m excited for this album, but that would be more of an understatement than saying Kanye West has ”strong self belief”. Anyone with a pechent for sexual blues rock should adore this, with its off kilter downbeat gutter funk, and sung/spoken word hipster melodies. There’s even a choir thrown in at one point. Yeah seriously a choir in a Kills song, I don’t know where my faculties are either. Listen/prepare to contract a bad case of snake hips above bro.