HEAR: The Horrors – Still Life

  • 24 May 11

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The rapid musical trajectory of Horrors musical stylings, is an ascension largely unparalleled in today’s indieverse, and about as difficult to second guess as what Lady Gaga’s pyjama’s look like. Russel Brand resembling comedy goths blossomed into kraut rock Kevin Shield-alikes, a transformation no one could have seen coming, (even  Dezza Brown was scratching his bald spot…) and it appears this is a trend they’re holding onto with more conviction than their pipe cleaners as legs skinny jeans and as styled by Wurzel Gummage hairdo’s. By delving deeper into their influences, Skying’s sessions have birthed this psychadelic, Factory faced, electro pop epic, that vaguely resembles Joy Division or New Order, slow jamming over Simple Minds ”Don’t You Forget About Me”. The ”far out” video albeit a bit naff (an XL DVD screensaver put together with the left over bits of Windows Media Players visualizations) fits perfectly, particularly with the horns that culminate for the ending, hinting that this could be the bands Screamadellica moment.

PROPER INFORMATION THAT’S NOT JUST RAMBLING: Skying is out July 11th, and if you had an ounce of taste in you, you’d rush out on the 10th and camp out to purchase it, faster than a basement dweller, who’d just been told there was a back to back screening of the original Star Wars trilogy and Carrie Fisher was giving out handjobs. Oh and there’s a lil sumthin sumthin for you below, because I’m such a great guy.

Skying Tracklisting:

‘Changing the Rain’
‘You Said’
‘I Can See Through You’
‘Endless Blue’
‘Dive In’
‘Still Life’
‘Wild Eyed’
‘Moving Further Away’
‘Monica Gems’
‘Oceans Burning’