SUFJAN STEVENS DAY: Hear new s/s/s + his split single with Rosie Thomas

  • 07 Mar 12

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It’s been a good two days for fans of apparent scat fan Sufjan Stevens, it has. Not only do we have the sweet first cut from his soon to be released EP with Son Lux and Serengeti (which I never actually got around to writing yesterday) available to stream below, sounding almost exactly how it was described, we’ve also been handed down yet another Sufjan track, in the form of his split 7″ with Rosie Thomas for Record Store Day 2012. Which, in my book means that the 7th of March basically belongs to Sufjan (and Stanley Kubrick’s death, but I never saw the two as exclusive anyway). Both tracks have Suffy lovingly crafting electronic textures, feature his soaring autotuned vocal talents and both of them are available to stream below! It’s like they’re twins or something!