STREAM: Evan Voytas – Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are

  • 25 Nov 11

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Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are by evanvoytas

It’s fun to hate people, we all know that. After all, what else would we do every waking second of our days? Exactly, nothing. Humanity would just wander around, staring vacantly into the distance, bumping into people and muttering about how much we all love Coldplay, summoning all the enthusiasm of a zombie in an all you can eat vegan buffet. Of course, there is a higher level of pleasure; hating talented people. We all know one, the arse who fucked around and got everywhere in life, the perfect in every possible way prat and of course; the multi-instrumentalist. Evan Voytas falls into that latter category (whom I wrote about here, exactly one year and 24 days to the moment), a man whose falsetto cries have been all too silent lately. Time, as to be expected, marches on and Evan’s come good with promise of an entirely new EP called “Feel Me” (that’s the artwork above, you know), with a full length record coming soonish.  ‘Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are’ is the first child from that pre-LP effort, landing rather with nothing more than a casual “umph” into his hyper defined cannon of Prince-Doing-Lounge-Jazz-In-A-Stripclub tracks while also helpfully reaffirming that to all that, yes, Evan really does fucking love that synth sound. As always, you can hear it above with your ears.

Have a track listing too, I know how you love song titles.

01 “When We Could All Float Away”
02 “The Weightlessness”
03 “You Don’t Even Know Where Its At”
04 “Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are”
05 “Feel Me”