HEAR: Atlas Sound – Amplifiers

  • 10 Oct 11

  • Hear


With the imminent release of his third full length as ambient indie genius Atlus Sound, Bradford Cox is slowly revealing to us he’s a.) the worlds most unsuccessful cocktease and b.) committed to applying the impatient child at Christmas method to the promotion of his new material. Considering there’s three tracks already floating around the web/cemented in mp3 players and another newie Amplifiers streamable below, its probably safe to assume come November 7th we’ll have a good handle on the full tracklisting, b-sides, outtakes, hidden tracks, demos and the bits where the producer accidentally left the tape running and caught Bradder’s discussing what he fancied for lunch (incidentally Bowie’s I Might Just Nip To McDonalds is one of my favorite tracks of all time…). Amplifier’s is possibly one of the more confrontational tracks offered to us so far, playing down the usually lush dense wash of reverb and delicate acoustics, for more paranoid angular riffage undercut by surfacing sounds of pained feedback and what sounds like field recordings of an upset stomach. Bradford’s integral role within day job Deerhunter is reinforced throughout, most obviously in the outro which escapes through the confines of the bog standard indieverse through a choir of screeching feedback backed by a shower of exploding cymbals and some impressively high pitched Kate Bush aping falsetto.

I can’t wait for the release of this. No seriously I can’t. I can already feel myself morphing into a badly bearded approximation of this little bitch. I even went out and forced my dad to buy me the dress today. Please keep releasing bits and bobs Bradders for the love of god…