HEAR: Conor Oberst’s reunited Desaparecidos play new song

15 Desaparecidos
  • 25 Apr 12

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Don’t lie, you were worried back there. I was too, after last years final and wildly disappointing Bright Eyes LP The People’s Key, your boy and mine, Conor Oberst, could well have dropped off the face of the planet. He didn’t though, because he, like many, obeys the laws of physics perhaps a little too closely. Still, few saw this coming, as Conor has returned to his deeply underrated post-hardcore outlet Desaparecidos and at their first gig since a charity affair in 2010, performed an entirely new song entitled ‘Left is Right‘. Now, consider this a warning: what you can see and hear in the video below appears to have been shot via a contraption built from disappointment and wet cardboard, so it’s not the best quality you’ll ever encounter, but it’s something more than nothing. So in between squinting, straining and complaining you can hear the muffled, yet properly exciting thrash-about below. Try to control yourself.