SCIENCE: Darwinism applied to music production, proves bleeps are beautiful

  • 19 Jun 12

  • Hear


Science! The last time we checked up on it, it was balls deep in creating the ugliest piece of music humanly possible, whilst offering eager title writers the world over a chance to make HILARIOUS (and they were hilarious) jokes. What a difference 7 months, an entirely different country and unconnected scientists makes, though, as science has turned its undoubtedly singular gaze towards the challenge of pairing Darwin’s theory of evolution (side note: this is apparently a real place) with the production of music. So how does this whole DarwinTunes thing work? Why, it was a simple matter of having humans rate loops and tones randomly produced by a computer. From there, the higher grade afforded the loop would indicate a higher chance of reproduction with other highly rated loops, theoretically producing music of the utmost aural loveliness. You can hear a better explanation and the results of the test below, where it’s all embedded because, well, I love you. I guess I don’t say that enough.

#5 is my jam.

DarwinTunes website can be found here.