HEAR: Rare Sigur Rós demo’s find their way onto Soundcloud

271 Sigur-Ros
  • 05 Apr 11

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Who wouldn’t trust those four faces up there? All smiling/looking indifferent up there with their coats and scarf’s and shit, well, other than Georg Hólm of course. Look at him, he doesn’t give a fuck about no cold, bad ass mother fucker with his shiny forehead and grey jacket, FUCK YEAH. Regardless of his straight G credentials, he and the rest of the band have seen it fit up upload a whole heap of demo’s, alternative versions and second takes from their 1999 classic Agaetis Byrjun. As they’ve mentioned, some of these have been around the internet block a couple of times but still, it’s nice to have them all in one place, for all those of us who weren’t really that interested in hearing ‘Staralfur’ reversed in the first place (let’s be honest, I think we’ve all been secretly pining to hear that one).

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