POINTLESS COVER OF THE DAY: The Kills – Pale Blue Eyes

  • 15 Feb 12

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You know what I like? I like The Velvet Underground, they were pretty much tops. Sure, Lou Reed might well have gone on to craft a few good solo albums before bottoming out so spectacularly you’d wonder what he did with all that talent (in a move I affectionately refer to as “doing a Lucas“), but i’ll fight to the death anyone who contends they didn’t have 4 perfect albums to their name. I also have a bit of a thing for blues-rock duo The Kills, they’re pretty good. But if there’s one thing in this world I cannot abide (there’s more than one), it’s when the latter decides to do a big, mediocre dump over the former. Smearing itself over every inch, filling the minute crevices in each and every pore until all we’re left with is the desecrated image of something formally beautiful. That’s pretty much what we have here, in The Kills cover of personal favourite Pale Blue Eyes, which came off the flip side of recent The Last Goodbye single. You can hear it below, I guess. Sigh.