OOH: Blur perform new song live, reanimate the bloated corpse of Britpop

  • 20 Feb 12

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Ever the tease, Blur have strung out what could have been a successful reunion, replete with new songs and concerts across our fair Earth, into a three year game of “will they won’t they oh fuck it”. You could almost describe it as a roller-coaster ride, if only roller-coaster rides started high, went back down and then slowly worked their way around a gigantic circle for 36 months. So then, here we are,performing a dance of increasingly indifferent impatience as Blur throw out yet another saucy teaser, this one titled “Under The Westway”. They performed it as a duo during War Child benefit (where else?) last night in layng-don taahn, minus cheese baron Alex James and failed politician Dave Rountree, much to the excitement of what sounds remarkably like a flock of excited teenage commentating the spectacle from somewhere near the microphone. The song finds Blur moving away from the LOOK HOW AGGRESSIVELY NORMAL WE ARE overtones found in their 2010 single Fools Day in favour of ballads formed from the scraps of left over Beatles, David Bowie, (shudder) Coldplay and Leonard Cohen cuts from days gone by. So, then does this mean they’re actually going to get around to producing a new record? Probably, and you can bet your sweet rear end it’ll be about half as good as you’re hoping. Realize your dreams below.