NEW/OLD MATERIAL: The White Stripes – Signed D.C/ I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

  • 18 Jul 11

  • Hear


Gather round children, come on, get over here…I SAID GATHER…let old Thresh tell you all about a band who were around in the dark, primitive pre Beiber/Rebecca Black/Tonje Langeteig days of Music. A time before it was regulated law that Stephen Hawking fighting a virus was the preset filter for any and every vocal track recorded. A period where you wrote music, not because you wanted to break into the lucrative ”I HEARD THIS ON AN ADVERT, IT MUST BE GOOD!” demographic/market, but because creating music was considered an ARTFORM (no really) A transitional spell where tracks like this, and the one above, slipped through the net, into the public arena, where reckless teenagers would listen to them, before collapsing in a vomiting, shuddering heap, due to the dangerously low levels of production values found within. The culprits? None other than Michael Jackson (under the psuedonym Jack White, and never seen without his trademark Zorro clobber) and Meg White, bustier, mumsier, and altogether more credible counterpart of Ark Music embarrassment Rebecca Black. Legend has it that The White Stripes as they were known, performed exclusively as a duo, using only guitar and drums, without the aid of an MC OR synthesizers, a suggestion we now know to be absolutely ludicrous in this post Linkin Park landscape. Listen/decide the myth for yourself you whippersnappers