NEW RADIOHEAD: “Identikit” and “Cut a Hole”

  • 28 Feb 12

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Radiohead are doing the tour thing at the moment, performing their music to sell out crowds across the fair, relatively united states of America in support of 2011’s bizarrely maligned The King Of Limbs. Oh yeah, they’ve been having a grand old time, Thom’s been throwing increasingly abstract shapes, Phil’s been eyeing up his doppelganger and Jonny’s been looking down a lot. While there, the gang performed a couple of brand new tracks, much to the delight of the audience at Miami’s American Airlines Arena. Entitled Identikit and Cut a Hole respectively, they cover Radiohead’s post-2000 musical output rather well, with Identikit holding tight the electronic claustrophobia that marked Kid A, Amnesia & TKOL whilst Cut a Hole falls into the guitar led, naturalistic sound that everyone loved so fucking much during the In Rainbows era. Sound familiar? Of course it does, because that’s exactly what their Staircase/The Daily Mail single was, once again leading credence to the claim that Radiohead are only capable of producing something with instruments when they ask Thom really, really nicely. You can hear both those tracks above.