NEW MATERIAL: Klaxons – Invisible Forces

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  • 23 Jun 11

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I can’t be the only one to have some form of sympathy for Nu Rave. You know like me, in your hearts that it wasn’t just a term coined by the press to generalise, and group together a wave of bands producing angular, brash, synthesizer heavy music. No it was also an excuse for a generation of nubile forward thinking naive minds to dress up like luminous beacons of hope in our otherwise opressive grey palette called life dickheads, stuff themselves into tiny venues and gurn/Bez it out like a dayglo cattle market in a sauna. Understandably Klaxons quickly dropped the label, as members of that cesspit of our society (the public I think they’re called) starting taking a bloody interest, and of course being in a band that’s the last thing you want. Four years and a difficult second album later, it would seem Jamie, James, Simon and Steffan have had a few stolen moments with ol’ Rave behind the scenes. That is if the above live footage for unreleased new song Invisible Forces is to be believed. A bounding piano led epic, in the vein of the more poppier moments of Myths of The Near Future, Invisible Forces shows a return to more hedonistic, dance influenced euphoria, that the band had become synonymous with. Restrained vocals reigned in to little more than harmonised coo’s of You make me feel real, the focus is firmly on the instrumentation, which finds itself between the fuzzy, untamed, full throttle aesthetic of old, and the dense, twinkling wall of sound atmospherics of new.


ANSWER: No, that is well and truly dead. However what it probably signals is the band are well on their way to crafting the follow up to Surfing the Void. Taking into account more label interference it should drop sometime around any time now, and the future. Hear/wait patiently for more above/wherever you want, it’s your life.