HEAR: Metronomy – ‘The Look’ live

  • 18 Dec 10

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Ever since Joe Mount and company plucked this tidbit out of their newest canon of sure to be amazing pop tunes, you’ve been hankering for more haven’t you? I feel your hunger pains, so I set about on the arduous task of hunting something new down, (by hunting down I mean going on youtube and looking for fresh material. So the guy who filmed it did most of the work by actually going to the gig, and filming it….give me a break…) Above in that rectangle of shaky moving images, is a song destined to be on newie, The English Riviera. It doesn’t stick to the aforementioned Eagles V Daft Punk mash up, but who gives a shit when it sounds this good. Suave slinky French synthery, swaggering twangy guitars, and jiving snappy drums culminate to create a classy, Parisian, Sebastien Tellier-smoking-cigarettes-and-sipping-black-coffee-with-Serge Gainsbourg electro funk fanfare. Fuck I love Metronomy.

Surprising revelation of the day: Metronomy are ridiculously big in France it would seem. Seriously look at that crowd.