HEAR: Weekend – Hazel

  • 20 Sep 11

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Weekend – Hazel by Slumberland Records

I get it, you’re sick and tired of those tedious R’n’B revivalists stepping on your territory. I mean, just who do they think they are, dropping an e and then swanning around the place with some free mixtapes for the masses? It’s enough to make you sick, isn’t it? Still, I guess there are worse things to do than toning down the overtly aggressive guitars of your Slumberland debut ‘Sports‘ and pushing on with your delicious noise pop agenda. ‘Hazel’ (that’s the song above, you know) finds the band in typically woozy fine form, distorted guitars wash over tight drums as the prerequisit that is the pop bass line knits the strands together into something not entirely awful (LIKE MY LIFE BOO HOO). You can hear it above.

Weekend’s newest EP, ‘Red, is out today via the aforementioned beautiful people at Slumberland. Here’s a tracklisting, yo.

track listing:

1. Sweet Sixteen

2. Hazel

3. Your Own Nothing

4. The One You Want

5. Golfers