HEAR: ”Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair” – Arctic Monkey’s ridiculously titled new single NOW

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  • 12 Apr 11

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I fully expect to be pelted with copies of Whatever People Say I am in provincial towns nationwide, and harassed by supermodel girlfriends famed for…their…talen…existing, but I’ve never been a fan of Arctic Monkeys. It’s only since they decided in the last couple of years ”Maybe we are what people say we are, a tiny bit…” and kicked their tired anti-rockstar rigor mortis to the curb, that I’ve managed to get over the kitchen sink dramdies of old and take notice. So their comeback teaser tune, was like getting pummelled with Beady Eye shaped nuggets of boredom…and Suck It and See is the sort of pick up line only Charlie Sheen and creepy uncles could get away with, the above rectangle of feverish ”I WANT TO JIZZ ON ALS HEAD” comments and noises, is the sound of the band striding deeper into the waters tested on Humbug. DSDCIMYC is so heavy under the weight of its Josh Homme influence, you’d think the ginger Elvis himself paid a visit during recording sessions, and stood behind each band member manoeuvring their arms about like some indie version of the Muppet Show. The drop after the occultish surf rock jangle intro captures QOTSA’s machine like, heaving, desert dusted sexiness perfectly. Over which Turners signature wordplay is back at its best, but tantalisingly restrained, lazily slurring deranged couplets such as ”do the macarana in the devil’s lair” into existence, like he’s channelling lines straight out of the next Tarantino film. Its clear it’s the music’s turn to do the talking. Before where you’d be awaiting that chorus, force fed on lyrical and riff heavy hooks, now sits strung out chords, Beatles aping ”yeah yeah yeah”s and an assured confidence, that they don’t have to throw everything they can at a track, all at once. If the rest of Suck It is as hard hitting as this, the boys might finally (and hopefully) make a stand strong enough to knock that nostalgia pining out of their fragmented fanbase, forcing them to accept the band for the behemoth they’re becoming.

Go buy the track (digitally on April 11th and for record store day physically on the 16th) if only to keep Turner in shades and Loreal.


  • I think this song is amazing… theres also a band in miami, fl thats similar to this sound called the Town.
    check them out at youtube.com/townofficial

    • vaverkina

      Thanks for advice,Good information.

  • Вера Лаврешина

    This new tune embraces, arrests you, persuades you till you start listening to it
    again and again… I’ m so happy.