LISTEN: Hercules & Love Affair remix Chromeo’s “When The Night Falls”

187 Chromeo-When-The-Night-Falls-EP
  • 11 Jul 11

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At some point in life, you’ve got to ask yourself “just how much dancing can my body handle?”, sure you might have tested the upper limits of your mad dance skills one sweaty evening/night/morning in a tent with a man who interspersed each track with remarkably depressing tales of a failed love life, but have you ever heard New York disco/house man of the moment Andy Butler (seen being hairy here) rework a Chromeo track? Didn’t think so. What you’ve got on paper here, is what the 2000 motion picture “The Perfect Storm” called a perfect storm. After all, two of the most infamously danceable acts around should render your feet nothing more than disfigured lumps attached to a pair of legs which don’t even acknowledge their existence, right? RIGHT?

Yeah, well not quite. BUT if you ever privately wondered to yourself if Solange Knowles part in that track would sound good over a sparse disco beat, prepare to get your answer.