I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START: Rihanna samples The XX in “Drunk on Love”

  • 16 Nov 11

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So there’s these songs out there, they’re called good songs. Right? Yeah. So there’s these good songs out there, people enjoy them and that. It’s entirely their purpose, they serve no other master but pleasure. Then there’s these other songs. They’re like virus’, they grab hold of those good songs and rip them beat from melody, then force the poor disembodied elements into their own, entirely awful tracks (I’m looking at you, Black Eyed Peas). For fun. This is the latter, and features everyone’s favourite omnipresent entity Rihanna warbling over a sample from minimalist independent poppers (yes, the XX are pop, no, pop is not a dirty word) The XX. I’d call it a overtly cynical attempt at expanding her fan base by shoving a out of place sample by a reasonably beloved band into one of her songs, but that would be entirely correct; what do you think I deal in? Facts? Who do you think I am, (insert culturally relevant/hilarious reference here)? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh boy.

Listen to it above.

OH, AND: I’m entirely aware the point of this song is to get her face on every blog in the history of the internet, it clearly worked well.


  • redmist

    I think you don’t get it. (Or you do.) The XX are one of those bands from whom artists will be sampling for many years to come. Rihanna is just the latest high profile one. You could be recycling this article about (insert culturally relevant/hilarious reference here) for many many cycles! 🙂