HEAR: Hercules & Love Affair – Shelter (The XX cover)

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  • 02 Mar 11

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At this point, is anything safe from the all encompassing grasp of New York disco collective Hercules & Love Affair? As of this moment, they’re not only working on a remix of paint drying but refixing a recording of you singing more than More Than A Woman in the shower, so it’s with nothing but a “Ah, yeah, I can see that” we receive a cover of The XX’s sultry, melancholic  ‘Shelter’ as sung by vocalist Kim Ann Foxman (and the winner of name of the decade goes to…) . Backed up by beats courtesy of main man Andy Butler and instilled with that kind of innate musical  magic that he seems to hold in abundance and according to the comments, it’s “delicious”, which is something!

[press mode] It’s the B-side to Blue Songs highlight Painted Eyes, and will be out April 18th via the ever sexy Moshi Moshi [/press mode]

Hear it above, kids.