HEAR: Hercules and Love Affair remix themselves, divide by zero.

297 hercules and love affair
  • 14 Jan 11

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It’s a lazy day in H&LA HQ, work on their forthcoming Blue Songs LP has been completed and there’s not much to do until it’s release other than twiddle their thumbs and perhaps stare at some mirror balls in awe for a while. So what is any reasonable artist supposed to do in those circumstances? Left alone with only the instrument stems from the first single from that LP I mentioned a few words back, it’s perfectly normal for sed artist to get his remix on, it’s practically a reflex at this point.

Yes, sandwiched with relative comfort between the image you can see above and this block of text you’re reading now is several lines of code which appear to you, dear reader, as a widget which plays H&LA’s remix of H&LA’s single “My House”. Taking the 90’s-house-meets-camper-than-thou-disco source material and transforming it into… well, a slightly clunkier 90’s-house-meets-camper-than-thou-disco track, complete with pre-requisite hand claps a plenty and a slightly half hearted attempt to ‘grime’ it up slightly.

tl;dr?¬†Hercules¬†& Love Affair have remixed their own track, and it’s slightly worse than it was before.