HEAR: Yuck – Chew

24 yuck chew
  • 12 Apr 12

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Yuck are back! Are you happy? I bet you are. You never tire of that shamelessly 90’s, helplessly emotive, defiantly lo-fi shtick, do you? Well, you might do, it’s been used so many times recently it makes [notorious whore from your area] seem less like the venereal disease carrying human sob story that they probably are. Still, Yuck deserve a minimum of 4 points and for sticking to their guns with “Chew” a song so drenched in the 90’s it’d likely exclusively wear flannel shirts and ill fitting faded blue jeans, if it weren’t a song and therefore impossible to dress. It’s also typically pretty excellent (even if I hoped it wouldn’t be), if not a shade too similar to The Pain Of Being Pure At Heart’s 10/10 single Belong. Or maybe it isn’t that similar, I just wanted an excuse to talk about Belong again, what a choon.

You can digest it above, if you like. (HAHAHA! See! I was clever, because the song is called Chew? Hahahahahahaha please love me)