HEAR: Yet another new Atlas Sound track, ‘Modern Aquatic Nightsongs’

  • 23 Sep 11

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Everyone’s favourite Marfan Sydrome sufferer Bradford Cox doesn’t hang around when it comes to letting people hear new songs of his, no sir. He loves a bit of it, just like Michael Stipe loves taking pictures of his tree-trunk esque manhood (Think you’ve seen NSFW material before? Try this) and disbanding massively influential rock acts around the same time. That’s why our boy Coxy (Mr Cox to you) has released yet another track from his forthcoming Atlas Sound record “Terra Incognita”, this one with the entitled title of ‘Modern Aquatic Nightsongs’. It’s a member of that wildly under subscribed section of songs labeled “songs pertaining to love and other such emotions”, thus joining the ranks of such oh-so romantic ditties as Ludacris’ ‘Move Bitch‘ and Snoop Dogg’s ‘I Wanna Fuck You‘. Swooning, tender and really quite lovely, it’s just a few short pixels hops and a click below these words, shame nobody gets called a bitch though.

‘Terra Incognita’ will be out on the 8th of November