HEAR: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege

yyy sacrilege
  • 27 Feb 13

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Before we begin, a quick question; what were you expecting from new music from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Given their last outing, 2009’s outstanding It’s Blitz!, few would point at you and laugh if you suggested they embrace those moments of dancefloor genius that littered Blitz and use them as a basis for the disco revival that I’ve been fruitlessly predicting for 6 years now. Alas, such things have failed to be, but what has happened is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs breaking out a 24 piece gospel choir and using it to season what could otherwise be called standard YYYs fare – Karen O doing the soft/harsh vocal thing, Nick Zinner  noodling around on guitar and Brian Chase doing some drumming (seriously, Brian, it’s gotten to the point where we know you’re going to be playing drums). Thankfully, the entire thing works as well as every YYYs song does, but for the love of god, won’t somebody please sample that gospel choir and put it in a dance track? I’ll pay you real money, honestly.

Mosquito will be out on the 16th of April via Interscope.