HEAR WITH YOUR EARS: Sleigh Bells – Born To Lose

  • 17 Dec 11

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Sleigh Bells – Born to Lose

It’s only been a mre 13 days since I originally drew your attention towards the rapidly emerging shape of Sleigh Bell’s newest record, entitled “Reign of Terror”. As an album presumably based on the year long period in the French revolution in which 16,594 poor Frenchies got their heads unceremoniously removed by big falling knifes, it’s bound to be crammed dangerously full with oodles of incisive historical observations alongside their usual musical mischief, fun for all the family, right? Anyway, here’s the first cut from that album, a shu gayze track called “Born to Lose” and it’s positively, unequivocally the least annoying song they’ve ever written. Subsiquently, it’s also the least fun one. Whuddathunkit?

Hear it above, yeah?