HEAR: Washed Out – It All Feels Right

  • 12 Jun 13

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Ever since Washed Out’s Ernest Greene debuted in 2009 with the ‘High Times’ EP, he has been producing woozy, sun-kissed and hip-hop influenced synthpop that ambles at a pace that could be accurately described as that which you’d walk to a beach BBQ; suitably his second EP (which contained a track titled ‘Feel It All Around’) was named ‘Life of Leisure’.

This afternoon-nap aesthetic remains with the first single off of ‘Paracosm’ (due out August 13 on omni-delightful Sub Pop), with much of Greene’s shtick present. Washed Out certainly isn’t washed up, though, and attempts to resist looming chill-wave shackles are obvious – the song has a fuller sound, matching a whining synth coda with a Caribbean rhythm that’s more Marley than ‘Rids The World…’. At points, the percussion seems to pay homage to the aforementioned ‘Feel It All Around’, echoing Greene’s whispered assurances to “Close your eyes, think about the old times” in the subdued chorus.

The sounds of joyous cheering punctuate the track, just as they could do to any of Greene’s. This certainly isn’t a fresh new direction for the project, but a reminder that steady and fruitful progression can be just as, if not more, rewarding as cold experimentation.

Kick back and listen below: