HEAR: Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio goes solo, streams “Tanto”

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  • 19 Apr 12

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It’s a sad fact in the life of Vampire Weekend that each and every member is a superior solo artist than they are a mediocre collective. Hell, we’ve had Rostam Batmanglij’s exemplary efforts and even Ezra didn’t wind me up during The Very Best’s ultra-jam Warm Heart of Africa. Now, i’m not necessarily suggesting they up sticks and go their separate ways (no matter how much I wish they would), but based on the sounds they produce independently, it seems like the only sensible option. Here to back up that offer yet more evidence is bassist Chris Baio, flying solo under his last name with this, the first cut from his debut EP Sunburn. The meandering synth and misplaced instrumentation that open Tanto quickly fade away into the haze of a relentless balearic beat before again morphing gently into the kind of unashamedly summery garden party classic we always knew it could be, it’s pretty excellent. Not only that either, it’s got Matias Aguayo back on top form after his cameo as Really Annoying Vocalist #1 in Battles “Ice Cream“, which is obviously brilliant news for fans of vocal ticks set to music.

Baio’s Sunburn EP will drop on Greco-Roman at May 21st, if you’re that way inclined.