HEAR: Vampire Weekend – ‘Diane Young’ & ‘Step’

vampire weekend modern vampires of the city
  • 18 Mar 13

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There’s something intrinsically hilarious about Vampire Weekend’s return, a double A-side single with two tracks from their forthcoming LP ‘Modern Vampires of the City’. The first ttack, ‘Diane Young’, is all Footloose shimmer, Status Quo aping structure and comically modulated vocals, topped off with the kind of maximalist production that’ll see it played at every party this side of the sun to the joy of thrashing kids everywhere. The latter, ‘Step’, turns up in the garb of a stately ballad, combining not at all subtle mentions of Modest Mouse with a fucking harpsichord, marking the instruments second major mention since the start of Pavement’s 1997 mega-choon ‘We Are Underused’. It’s almost like after showing off what each member could do when left to their own devices (here and here) they had nothing left to prove, and decided to resurrect the eternal 1970s comedy single instead to the path less interesting. For those interested, you can hear both songs above and below these words, respectively.

Modern Vampires of the City  is dropping via XL on the 7th of May, prepare your sides.